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CK1200G-3 Hydraulic Crawler Crane

  • Max. Lift Capacity: 120 US Tons
  • Max. Boom Length: 230 ft
  • Max. Boom + Jib Length: 200 ft + 70 ft

The Kobelco CK1200G-3 Crawler Crane is designed from the ground up for reliable operation, convenient maintenance and easy transport. The CK1200G-3 features a new Isuzu engine that complies with the latest EPA Tier IV standards. The cranes are equipped with an energy saving assist systems known as “G-modes”. The “G-modes” include the auto idle stop system, energy saving winch control system, and the engine RPM limitation system. Other re-design features of the new G-3 series include: compact structure allowing for greatly improved transportability, larger cab design, LMI touch screen, counterweight detection device, improved counterweight self-installation mechanism, and newly improved (short) control levers. Kobelco is renowned for smart engineering and an unwavering focus on creating the best value package for lifting solutions.

Cab and Controls

The G-3 Series cab gives the operator better visibility, mobility, and a relaxed environment to enhance efficiency. The cab design is on an isolated cab base frame which reduces vibration during crane operation.

Increased Cab Size
The increased space gives the operator more room in which to perform crane operations, also adding more leg room and a wider cab door for ease of entry.

Larger Front Glass
The cabs front glass has a full field of view which provides improved operating conditions, increasing safety and operability.

At the operator’s right are console-mounted short levers for the front and rear drum and the boom hoist control with individual drum speed dial adjust trimmer of front, rear, and boom drums. Fine inching control switch on LMI screen. Free fall activation switches are built in to the levers. Beside the seat on the right are two short levers for propel control. At the left is the console mounted swing lever, an optional 3rd drum control, switches for the front, rear, and boom drum pawls, and the engine start/stop key. A swing brake control switch and signal horn button are on the swing lever.

Kobelco knows that operator comfort is directly related to performance and has developed the ideal balance between comfort and ergonomics in the cab design.

Isuzu Engine (Tier 4 Final) Model




  • 6HK1 (CK800G-3, CK850G-3, CK1100G-3, CK1200G-3 & CK1200G-3 HDO)
  • 6UZ1 (CK1600G-3, CK2000G-3 & CK2750G-3)


  • Water-cooled, direct fuel injection w/turbocharger

No. of cylinders

  • 6

Rated Power

  • 282 HP (210 kW) at 1,900 RPM (CK850G-3, CK1100G-3, CK1200G-3 & CK1200G-3 HDO)
  • 362 HP (270 kW) at 2,000 RPM (CK1600G-3, CK2000G-3 & CK2750G-3)

Kobelco’s drive and determination to build the best machine is visible throughout the very heart of our cranes.

Upper Frame
The upper frame is fabricated from all-welded alloy steel and is CAD designed for durable strength.

Innovative Wet-Type Disc Brake System
Kobelco’s oil cooled wet-type multi-disc brake system provides quiet, dependable braking power. Multiple discs are self-adjusting and self-equalizing, minimizing maintenance requirements. Forced oil circulation keeps brake temperatures cooler during long, continuous operations and maximizes smooth brake operation. The completely sealed system eliminates the possibility of outside contamination, providing years of problem-free service life. The low brake pedal effort reduces operator fatigue when machine is working in the free-fall mode.

Incredibly Strong Winches
The powerful winches boast a rated single line pull, reducing the number of parts of line involved and improving hoisting speed. The result is dynamic lift and continuous trouble-free operations.

Large Capacity Drums
Kobelco’s innovative internal disc brake system allows for the use of full functioning drums, reducing the chance of uneven winding, while extending the service life of the wire rope. An optional third drum is full functioning as well, allowing for more attachment options and better operation coordination.

One Tough Machine!
Kobelco Cranes feature an all-welded, high-tensile strength steel car body, manufactured in a single piece using the latest CAD technologies for unmatched rigidity. The crawler assembly consists of an idler wheel, lower rollers, the travel motor assembly, upper rollers, and flat shoes on each side.

On-Site Maneuverability
Independently driven hydraulic travel motors with planetary reducers provide three steering modes for optimal on-site maneuverability. In addition to conventional skid steering, the independent crawler drive enables counter-rotation of the tracks as well as differential track speed steering. Travel motors are less than track shoe width, protecting them from damage.

Self-Erecting and Transportation
Kobelco has designed the structure of the G-3 series making all models more compact and efficient loading and unloading for transportation. The G-3 series cranes also have an improved counterweight self-installation mechanism, counterweights are stacked on the ground and lifted by vertical cylinders for installation – this is for all G-3 series models.

HydraulicsKobelco has improved an innovative full hydraulic system for the cranes. It performs all crane operations including load hoist, boom hoist, swing and propeloperations, free-fall, as well as counterweight and crawler frame installation and removal. The hydraulic circuit can be either a dual pump flow or a single pump flow, so that the circuit can be adequate for all job applications – this can be switched to choose the best circuit for your job application.

Single Pump

  • Allows the winches to be controlled independently.
  • Luffing

Dual Pump

  • Maximizes the speed in single line operation.
  • Synchronizes the speed in double line operation.
    • Steel Erection
    • Bridge Work
    • Clamshell
    • Piledriving

Tough, Maintenance-Free Durability
Careful attention has been paid to every detail of design so that the Kobelco crane stays on the job, not in the shop. Routine checks can be conducted easily with the help of service compartment doors that provide full access to the engine and hydraulic components. From the wet-type disc brake system to the easy-access engine layout, the Kobelco crane is one of the easiest machines in its class to maintain:

  • Double-tapered connecting pins for base boom.
  • Cast iron rollers and idler sprocket are lubricated and sealed for long, trouble-free service.
  • New machinery layout simplifies engine checks and routine maintenance.


Simplified Maintenance
The disc brakes require no brake lining replacement or adjustment for simple maintenance. Also, a new engine layout on the side of the machine provides easy access for routine inspections and servicing.

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The G-mode is an exclusive energy and fuel saving system. The G-Mode eliminates needless operations and engine functions allowing for reduced fuel consumption by using three basic modes that are all operator selectable.

  • Auto Idling Stop Mode (AIS) – The AIS mode can conserve fuel by stopping the engine, with an operator prompt, after 10 seconds of idling time. Restarting the engine is simple by just twisting the accelerator grip.
  • G-Winch Mode – The G-winch mode can produce maximum winch line speed at a low engine RPM.
  • G-Engine Mode – the G-Engine Mode limits maximum engine speed to 1,750 RPM and controls the pumps to make engine operation in the most efficient condition..
LMI MonitorNew Load Moment Indicator (LMI) Monitor

Kobelco has designed and warranted a 12″ touch panel screen with sunshade and screen protector. This intuitive and easy to understand new touch screen monitor gives the operator a full display of essential data. Universal pictograms are used providing easy visual recognition, making this new technology easy to read and understand the information. This new monitor includes: Hook Height, Wind Speed, Engine Speed, Display Lamp of standard functions, Gauges, Over-Swing Prevention Device, Switches, and Error Messages.

  • Kobelco CK850G-3

    Max. Lift Capacity: 85 US Tons / Max. Boom Length: 200 ft / Max. Boom + Jib Length: 180 ft + 60 ft

  • CK800G-3

    Max. Lift Capacity: 80 US Tons / Max. Boom Length: 200 ft / Max. Boom + Jib Length: 180 ft + 60 ft

  • Kobelco CK1100G-3

    Max. Lift Capacity: 110 US Tons / Max. Boom Length: 200 ft / Max. Boom + Jib Length: 190 ft + 60 ft

  • Kobelco CK1600G-3

    Max. Lift Capacity: 160 US Tons / Max. Boom Length: 250 ft / Max. Boom + Jib Length: 200 ft + 100 ft

  • Kobelco CK2000G-3

    Max. Lift Capacity: 200 US Tons / Max. Boom Length: 280 ft / Max. Boom + Jib Length: 240 ft + 100 ft

  • CK2750G-3

    Max. Lift Capacity: 275 US Tons / Max. Boom Length: 300 ft / Max. Boom + Jib Length: 250 ft + 100 ft

  • CK3300G-2

    Max. Lift Capacity: 330 US Tons / Max. Boom Length: 295 ft / Max. Boom + Jib Length: 256 ft + 100 ft

Lifting Your Operating Profit

Kobelco’s Crane division is a global leader in the manufacturing of hydraulic lattice-boom crawler cranes, servicing the North and South American markets.