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KOBELCO Crane Remote Observation Satellite System

satelliteThe Kobelco Remote Observation Satellite System, or KCross, is standard on all G-3 Series models and is a proprietary system that allows remote monitoring of the unit from the owner’s desktop. The system was designed to be as user friendly as possible, providing daily, weekly, and monthly reports that the owner can print. This allows him to look at all of the cranes data in a simple and easy-to-read format.

The owner can simply log on and click the daily report tab, and a one-page report will show the hours the unit worked, how much fuel was consumed, how many minutes the crane idled, how many minutes the main winch was used, how many minutes the crane travelled, what percentage of chart the crane lifted, and much more.

Kobelco’s Cranes are renowned for smart engineering – aiming to increase versatility and flexibility with productivity boosting technical advances – from advanced winch systems to self-diagnostic multi-display monitors. All designed to give users a competitive edge and provide top performance

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Lifting Your Operating Profit

Kobelco’s Crane division is a global leader in the manufacturing of hydraulic lattice-boom crawler cranes, servicing the North and South American markets.