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The Kobelco’s Crane Service Training Simulator
simulator2Kobelco Crane division offers a fully functional service training simulator that can be transported anywhere, to assist in training dealers and end-users. The simulator’s wiring and electrical components are virtually identical to that of a real-life crane, which allows technicians to become familiar with how the electrical system is laid out and how the connector numbers and wire identifications are used for troubleshooting.

Training for New Kobelco Technicians
Our service training simulator allows our service department to create false component and/or wiring failures to train technicians. The technicians can troubleshoot the problem using our self-diagnostics and traditional checks which use low impedance type digital volt/ohm meters to prevent overloading the circuits.

The simulator’s wiring can be traced using a schematic and permit a quicker assembly compared to a complete machine. This allows technicians to see the inner workings of the electrical system and, in the future, to become more efficient with troubleshooting a customer’s machine. Increased efficiency in troubleshooting creates less downtime and effectively prepares Kobelco’s new technicians for their initial service calls.

Troubleshooting for Our Service Department
Our service department frequently uses the simulator to assist service requests. By installing the software from a machine that requires repair and duplicating the scenario on the simulator, our field technicians are guided to better understand the issue and reach a solution more effectively. We also test the machine software for issues or incompletions. Once we have this information, we can store it on a data card or in our downloadable devices.

The Intelligent Total Control System (ITCS) is continuously enhanced because our service department suggests innovative ideas to incorporate into the simulator. The consistent enhancements create an ITCS that offers optimized functionality and mobility. The ITCS is the best tool for training new technicians and Kobelco’s in-house service team which enables us to provide faster troubleshooting through simulating conditions without having to locate and use a real machine.

The Kobelco Parts Facility
At Kobelco, we house a parts facility that has approximately 14,000 square feet of indoor storage and designed with heavy racks, parts bins and vidmars which hold over 6,000+ lines of inventory. This quick access to a vast amount of resources enhances our ability to troubleshoot and provide solutions quickly and hassle-free. Our crew members pride themselves in providing exceptional customer service!

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