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Hydraulic pumps:

Load hoist, boom hoist, and propel

2 piston pumps, max flow rate

67.3 US gal/min x 2 (255


/min x 2)


1 piston pump, max flow rate

46.7 US gal/min (177



Control system and auxiliary

2 Gear pumps, max flow rate

16.3 US gal/min + 10.6 US gal (61.6


/min + 40.5



Brake cooling system

2 gear pumps, max flow rate

19.4 US gal/min x 2 (73.5


/min x 2)


Operators cab

Totally enclosed from weather, this full-vision cab has safety glass all around.

The adjustable, high-backed seat with armrest is capable of adjustment with or

without the control console. Auxiliary controls and instruments are on a side

mounted console. A signal horn, windshield wipers, air conditioner/heater, and

swing limiter are all standard features.


At the operator’s right are console-mounted adjustable short levers for the front

and rear drum and the boom hoist control. Fine inching control and free fall

activation switches are built in to the levers. Beside the seat on the right are two

short levers for propel control, plus individual speed dial controls for front, rear,

and boom drums. At the left is the console mounted swing lever, an optional

3rd drum control, switches for the front, rear, and boom drum pawls, and the

engine start/stop key. A swing brake control switch and signal horn button are

on the swing lever.

Counterweight and Carbody weight

Counterweight Base

1 x 20,600 (9,320 kg)

Counterweight (R)

2 x 9,250 (4,200 kg)

Counterweight (L)

2 x 9,250 (4,200 kg)

Total Counterweight

57,600 (26,120 kg)

Carbody weight

2 x 7,200 (3,250 kg)

Total Carbody weight

14,400 (6,500 kg)


This high folding type gantry is fitted with a sheave frame for boom reeving.

Hydraulic lift is standard. It provides full up, full down positions with


Hydraulic system

Maximum pressure rating

4,626 psi (31.9MPa)


Oil to air heat exchanger


Full flow filters with replaceable

paper elements

Reservoir capacity

116.2 US gal. (440 liters)


Swing unit

Hydraulic motor driving spur gears through planetary reducers to output

swing pinion for 360 degree rotation.

Swing brake

Spring set hydraulically released multiple disk brake mounted on swing motor.

Swing circle

Single row ball bearing with an integral internally cut swing gear.

Swing lock

Manual, 4 position lock for transportation.

Self Lifting Device - Standard Equipment