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The welded lattice construction uses tubular, high-tension

steel chords with pin connections between sections.

Maximum boom length

200’ (61.0 m)

Basic boom length

40’ (12.2 m)

Boom base section

19’7” (5.97 m)

Boom tip section

22’8” (6.91 m)

Boom insert (optional):

Optional boom inserts are available to provide extension

capabilities. They are robotic welded, laser aligned,

lattice constructed with tubular, high-tension steel chords

and pin connections.

Boom insert

10’ (3.1 m), 20’ (6.1 m), 40’ (12.2 m)

Jib (optional):

Jib inserts are available to provide extension capabilites.

The optional jib employs welded lattice construction with

tubular, high-tension steel chords with pin connections

between sections.

Maximum jib length

60’ (18.3 m)

Basic jib length

30’ (9.1 m)

Jib base section

15’9” (4.8 m)

Jib tip section

16’1” (4.9 m)

Jib insert

10’ (3.1 m), 20’ (6.1 m)

Jib is useable on booms of 80’ (24.4 m) through

180’ (54.9 m)

Crane Attachments

Auxiliary sheave (optional):

Auxiliary sheave is extendible on booms of 40’ (12.2 m)

through 190’ (57.9 m)

Boom hoist reeving:

Twelve (12) parts of 5/8” (16.0 mm) diameter high strength

wire rope.

Boom backstops:

Telescopic type with spring bumper

Standard Equipment


Two (2) front flood lights

One (1) cab inside light

Gauges and warning display


One (1) tachometer

One (1) hour meter

One (1) fuel gauge

One (1) water temperature

Warning display

Battery charge

Engine oil pressure

Air cleaner

Engine oil filter

Control main pressure

Hydraulic oil temperature

DPF condition indicator


Air conditioner/heater

Drum turn indicator (front/rear)

Foot pedal / throttle

Electric transfer pump

Counterweight self-removal device

KCross Telematics

Free fall winches

Safety Service

Function lock lever

Swing Limiter

Boom over hoist limit switch

Signal horn

Front/rear hoist drum lock

Swing Limiter (Buzzer, lamps, or stops)

Overload prevention device (LMI)

Hook over hoist shut off (Anti-two-block)

Boom angle indicator

Travel alarm

Tools and Accessories

A set of tools and accessories are


Optional Equipment

Third drum

Hook block

Hook ball

Auxiliary sheave

Fixed jib

Boom inserts

Safety Service (cont)

Level indicator

Boom hoist drum lock

Swing locks, anti drift, and mechanical

Boom backstops

Boom base catwalk

Upper machinery catwalk, handrails

and ladder